About our team

Based in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, we have been advising and servicing customers for many years.

We are an independently owned and we provide a placement and solutions business that can offer tailor made solutions to your business model.

Our main strength lies with our dedicated team.

We are committed to the long-term by recruiting our team exclusively on permanent contracts in order to offer them a progressive career path.

In order to deliver our clients the expertise they deserve, we ensure our employees a continuous training cycle.

Our team

Frédérique Urbany | General Manager

Frédérique is in charge of the management and development of MSLUX. She has some twenty years of operational and managerial experience in the fields of investment funds,
capital markets, banking and insurance. She has managed a company specialized in banking consultancy for the last two years.

Her philosophy ?

“Without underestimating the difficulties, I believe in the future and expresses it with permanent and open optimism.”

Reach Frédérique at : furbany@mslux.lu

Yves Malherbe | Head of FA

Yves is the Head of finance and administration for MSLUX.

He is a strong leader who combines in-depth consultancy knowledge and technical skills, during the  many years of his management experience.

His philosophy ?

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

Reach Yves at : ymalherbe@mslux.lu

Fabrice Ramillon | Business Development Manager

Fabrice Is an expert in leading negotiations, He coordinates complex decision-making processes.
He is committed and able to deal with short- and long-term deals at the same time. Eager to keep close with customers, he has a strong track record.

Fabrice speaks English, French, German, Luxemburgish, Italian and a bit Hungarian.

His philosophy ?

“The only limits are the ones we set”

Reach Fabrice at : framillon@mslux.lu

Yoann Adamski | Account Manager

Eager to learn the trade and buil a professional network. Yoann participates in the development of the client portfolio.

Yoann speaks French, English, German and a bit of Luxemburgish

His philosophy ?

“Good things come to those who wait for”

Reach Yoann at : yadamski@mslux.lu

Samuel Casanova | Talent Acquisition IT and Finance Recruiter

Samuel participates in recruiting and to the progress of the person hired, his goal is to satisfy you in your new opportunities.

His philosophy ?

“Become what you are. Do what only you can do”

Reach Samuel at : scasanova@mslux.lu

Amélie Raulhac | Technical Team Leader

Amélie leads the development projects and coordinates the developer teams.
She acts at every level of the cycle of life of the projects to ensure a constant quality of delivery.

Her philosophy ?

“Every problem has its solution.”

Reach Amélie at : araulhac@mslux.lu

Loic Guiheneuf | Head of HR Department

Loic is our dedicated Psychologist in charge of recruitment processing.

He also develops digital assessment tools, combined with a human approach.
His expertise allows him to identify, in advance, the operating mode for our  future employees.
His philosophy ?

“Be yourself… all the other personalities are already taken.”
(Oscar Wilde)

Reach Loic at : lguiheneuf@mslux.lu


39-41, route de Stadtbredimus
L-5570 Remich, Luxembourg

+352 26 19 04 14