A high level of candidates who have proven themselves.

Wanting to Achieve:

people who are willing to invest, and respecting your core values.


People who want to build in the medium and long term.


With our experience:

executive search has been our specialty since 1998.

Within our network:

we regularly update our pool of candidates and we are constantly in contact with them to understand their ambitions and their evolution.

Every day we identify people who will contribute significantly to the future of our company, those who have the potential to convey our image, our values ​​and our quality of service to our customers.

With our tools:

in resume analysis and in-depth high-level interviews, we also add psychometric testing and assessment from competency models. Recruitment has no secrets for us.

We are this consultant who participates in the growth of your business.


Identify and match the ideal candidate

We profile and identify the ideal candidate using our competency profiling tools in close collaboration with yourselves or the selection team. All aspects of the position and the target person will be discussed: the personality, the skills, the evolution of the position, the salary package.

Develop the strategy

We develop specific strategies tailored to your needs to ensure we have the exact profile of the person you are looking for.

Maximize the methodology

We use our tools and our network internationally. Our analysis and evaluation tools are accurate and efficient, our proven interview techniques, and these are just a few components of a methodology to optimize our recruitment process. We can, therefore, perform a complete recruitment process

Respecting the process, with each of its steps, is crucial to guarantee the recruitment of the right candidate.

Our recruitment service includes all the steps:

– Development of the profile study

– Development of a recruitment strategy

– Direct approach

– Evaluation of candidates

– Screening interviews and final interviews

– Psychometric evaluation of the candidates presented

– Taking professional references

– Implementation of integration monitoring

Reach your goals

Upon Integration within the company, our employees can demonstrate a clear understanding of the role they will play and possesses the required skills needed. They will then be in a position to enrich and share in your corporate culture.

Protect your investment

We know the human and financial costs of poor recruitment. That’s why MSLux works with you to make sure you find the right person for your needs, but we believe it’s equally important to protect your investment.

We support you in the development of an integration plan and offer our support during this important period of integration.

We guarantee our work.


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